Fight League


Traditional games aim to provide players with continuous challenge and fun. In addition to those, blockchain games should have a sustainable in-game economy, proper monetization model and a true ownership. However;
  • In the early days of blockchain gaming, many projects failed to deliver what they had promised, or did not deliver at all.
  • Games often lacked important take aways of traditional games such as gamification, depth, competition and were not fun to play.
  • The high cost of entry prevented many players from enjoying the games without spending money, hindering the growth of the player base.
  • Incorrect monetization models and economies created by profit-driven players have made games unsustainable.
  • Most NFTs lacked utility and were created based on vertical hierarchies, resulting in their value diminishing over time and not allowing players to master the game in a fair environment, instead encouraging them to pay to progress.
  • Onboarding frictions and a lack of alternative payment options made it difficult for traditional players not only to log-in instantly and play the game, but also to purchase in-game assets without a wallet.