Fight League

Our Advantages

Fight League is a unique and innovative game that combines the excitement of competitive gaming with the power of blockchain technology and NFTs. Players can collect, trade, and battle with their NFTs, while also competing in tournaments and leagues to earn rewards.
The game also features a learning mechanism that allows players to improve their skills and strategies over time. With its engaging, skill-based gameplay and innovative use of NFTs and blockchain technology and a must-play for any fan of competitive gaming.
Fight League is not an average game with NFTs, but rather an engaging traditional game that makes effective use of NFTs and blockchain technology.


Unlike other blockchain games, Fight League offers a free-to-play gaming experience, enabling more players to engage and discover the universe of Fight League.

Fun & Simple

The auto-battler genre provides an enjoyable and intuitive gaming experience while incorporating intense competition. Fight League is an easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master game, challenging players to continue playing in order to become proficient players.

Skill-based (Master & Earn)

Unlike inflationary play-to-earn schemes, Fight League adopts a master-to-earn mechanism, which rewards players based on their skills rather than those with high-tier NFTs who have an advantage. While fighter NFTs play a role in a match-up, strategy is the core element of the game, giving a winning chance to players who cannot afford high-tier NFTs as well.

Sustainable game economy

There is no direct link between the financial performance of a project's token and the success of the product itself. Projects that rely heavily on tokens as part of their in-game economy can experience inflation or deflation, which can lead to players leaving the game.
Fight League has designed its in-game economy to be independent of token or token-related revenue, eliminating the risks associated with crypto asset price fluctuations. The core game loop has been crafted to ensure that the value of in-game assets does not affect the gaming experience, creating a sustainable in-game economy that encourages players to focus on the enjoyment of the game rather than on the potential return on investment from in-game items.

Balanced / Fair gameplay

Modern games often claim to be "free," but then bombard players with micro-transactions, paywalls, and purchasable "bonus" content, creating an imbalanced gaming experience by allowing players to cheat through the purchasing of powerful weapons, stronger fighter, and better skills. However, Fight League's horizontal hierarchy allows us to deliver a balanced gameplay where a player does not have to pay in order to succeed.

Frictionless Onboarding / Payments

Blockchain games often require players to own a wallet, which limits the player base. In Fight League, we offer multiple options; players can sign up using their email accounts, log in with their social logins, or use their wallets. Our approach enables players to access the game like any other traditional game. We also offer alternative payment methods, so traditional players can access the game without a wallet and purchase NFTs with credit cards.