Fight League

Our Solution

Fight League delivers a free-to-play, fun, fair and engaging game that anyone can easily join and play on multiple platforms.
  • We focus on taking away from traditional games and developing an easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master game with casual game elements such as gamification, depth, and stickiness.
  • There is no high-cost-of-entry; Our players can have a full and enjoyable experience without spending money, as the core game loop is free-to-play. We allow players to play the game, have fun, and will eventually introduce the elements of blockchain.
  • Our carefully designed Horizontal hierarchies among NFTs allow for a balanced gameplay where players are encouraged to master the game in a fair environment, rather than going for pay-to-progress.
  • We have a simple economy design without a native token, which saves us from market fluctuations and keeps players focused on playing the game instead of chasing short-term financial returns.
  • We offer frictionless onboarding; There are multiple sign-up / log-in options such as e-mail and social media. New players will be able to log-in instantly and play the game even without a wallet.
  • We offer multiple payment options for in-game and marketplace transactions, including USDC and credit cards, reducing friction in online payments and allowing traditional players to trade their NFTs without a wallet.
  • We encourage players to not only view NFTs as an economic incentive, but also as a core utility to help them form their strategies. Players should not rely solely on in-game assets to determine their return on investment, instead they should be able to earn and uplift those assets themselves.